Baby Born with HIV is Cured

A baby born in Mississippi was cured of HIV within hours after its’ birth. The baby was given a treatment of antiretroviral drugs that caused the HIV to die. Within thirty hours of the baby’s birth, it was cured of its’ HIV. This could be the second known case of HIV being cured, the first belonging to one Timothy Brown, and if successful, could lead to the cure of many HIV positive individuals around the world. It could begin by saving the lives of millions of HIV positive babies born each year, and could lead onto development for a cure for adults.

The baby received the HIV virus from its’ mother, which while not common is not necessarily rare of an occurrence to happen either. And when this occurs, the newborn child is usually given one or two antibiotics combat the virus as a precautionary measure. This time, however, the child was given a series of treatments as part of an experiment, which in turn proved successful and cured the infant’s HIV. Some, however, are not entirely convinced that this is legitimate. Doctors are requesting information that the Mississippian baby was indeed HIV positive, and are going to call this a case of preventing HIV rather than curing it. For the time being, only time will tell if this experimental treatment could be the cure for HIV, or if it was in fact a scientific miracle that will have a one in a million success rate.