A Political Ad for Both Sides?

Okay, so I thought this was interesting.

There’s an ad called The Guardian that is apparently award-winning for its “Three Little Pigs” take on political issues the U.S. is having today. The ad, or ads, feature multiple viewpoints of complicated issues for U.S. audiences, like privacy vs. security, women in the military and gun control. And what’s really interesting is that it has both sides of the issues, the left and the right, on the same ad, meaning the conflicting views are displayed top vs. bottom and left vs. right.

guardian-ad-cropped 2

 What is also making this ad so effective and interesting is that it interacts with the very audience it’s reaching out to by asking them to take photos of the sides they support and upload the photos to Instagram and/or Twitter at #VoiceYourView. These votes are then added to a microsite in realtime.

As of January, The Guardian has brougt in 12.5 million U.S. visitors since its launch.

The Guardian is originally from the UK and has expanded to the U.S., particularly in big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. BBH New York, is the agency behind the campaign, and at the moment, the organization is planning to launch a similar campaign in Australia later this year.