There is a new service called HitBliss but it is still in private beta. I requested an invite and downloaded it. Basically, HitBliss is a service that allows you to watch advertisements for various companies in exchange for “credits”. You can then put those credits towards watching movies and television shows. I thought it was a cool idea so I downloaded it and this is what I found.

You can personalize it as much as you want. You don’t have to give HitBliss all of your information if you don’t want to. However, you are encouraged with having to watch less ads if you give more information. There is a trust meter that also decreases the amount of ads you have to watch to earn credit, if you have a good score. You can earn up to $5.00 and then it cuts you off. This number goes up once you use it more and get a higher trust score. In the middle of ads there is a screen that pops up and you have to click it to make sure you are actually watching the ads instead of just leaving the room while the ads play. 

They also ask permission to look at your internet search history. This is to give you ads to watch that actually matter to you. You also have the option of turning this feature off. Again, if you do turn it off, your truth score won’t be as high and you will have to watch more ads everytime you try to get credit.

I think this is a really creative way to get people to watch the ads that companies are constantly pushing. What is better than free? Watching movies and television for “free” greatly out weighs the “inconvenience” of having to watch some ads to do so. The movie and TV selection isn’t all the way up to date. They have a bunch of classics and then some new releases. They have a limit on new new movies and you have to use your credit card for those. I don’t know the time specifically, but eventually those movies will move to where you can use the credits you earn to watch those. If I have one complaint about HitBliss, it is that. When I downloaded it I thought they would have the selections of say a RedBox, but you do have to wait longer for newer movies to be available. 

I like HitBliss so far and it will be interesting to see if it takes off.