MTSU Students Making Feature-Length Film–“Juicy Mooshu”

The Juicy Mooshu Movie — The Juicy Mooshu Project — The Juicy Mooshu Trailer



MTSU students are working on a feature length film called Juicy Mooshu! This film is gonna be awesome! And to think, this film is being created by YOUR fellow classmates! Above is the link to their Vimeo post of the trailer of the film as well as a Making Of/Behind the Scenes of the movie. The Producer of the film has stated that this version of the trailer is not the final draft copy and that it has to go through the finalized process of sound and score. This is a very exciting and challenging project for these students. Making a feature-length film of this magnitude is amazing. Director Warren Smythe is looking to create a film that is bold and creative with every shot. Each member of the crew seems to have a strong devotion to the film becoming a masterpiece! And it shows!! This trailer is fantastic! This film needs to go viral!! We’re all on pins and needles for the official premier of the movie. 

Posted By David M. Bishop