The Smart Watch Battle. Will iWatch be Able to Compete with Pebble?

iwatchYou have been hearing the rumors for a while I am sure. The rumors have been confirmed and apple is for sure working on creating an iWatch. In February the New York Times released an article reporting that apple was working on a “wristwatch and iOS companion out of curved glass.” Shortly after a patent for “wearable accessory device” surfaced from apple. Sources suggest that  “Apple is looking into adding features such as making/receiving calls, caller ID on the screen and checking mapping coordinates. Moreover, the watch should have a built-in pedometer and other sensors for health-related data.” I would speculate viewing reminders, calender updates, music player, imessage viewing, voice messaging, as well as Skype and iChat will also be uses of the iWatch.

It will be running iOS for greater compatibility with iPhone and mac. The challenge that this presents is battery life. The desire is for this watch to run for 5 days without needing to be recharged. The current prototypes only last 2 days. Its primary form of connectivity will be via bluetooth. But will this have enough and come soon enough to compete with the Pebble?

pebbleThe Pebble is the most successful kickstarter in history raising over $10 million for a $100,000 goal. It is created and shipping to its backers already. It boasts a 7 day battery life and easily connects to iPhone and Android via Bluetooth. It is highly customizable allowing you to download apps and watch faces quickly and hassle free. They are working on making it possible for individual developers to create their own pebble apps. It is water resistent and can be fully submerged in the case of swimming, showering, or running in the rain. Its featured apps are for cycling, running, music control, reminders, caller idea, among other things. Pebble’s biggest challenge will be overcoming the name of Apple. Have they created a product excellent enough to compete with Apple’s extremely loyal fanbase?

You can watch a video about pebble here.