New Music App

It’s called MusicTube. It’s the #5 Top Free iPhone App overall and #1 in the music subcategory, beating out Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio. Basically it’s Spotify, but the difference is that it’s database that it draws music from is YouTube. So basically every song on YouTube is at your disposal. It’s much more streamlined than actually getting on YouTube and searching a song which is why I like it. It gives the user the ability to create playlists as well, much like Spotify.

I’ve never been one for “playlist-creating” services, but I got this one for my iPhone 5. So far it’s kinda nice. I’ve only seen how it performs while connected to Wi-Fi, which was pretty fast, but I’m interested to see how it does using 4G. If it’s still pretty fast this might be my new channel to the music world. All the videos are high bit-rate so they all sound good, and somehow they weed out all the lousy videos that people record off their TV. Most of them are uploaded by some type of official thing.

All in all a pretty good app. MusicTube. Check It out.