Get A Tattoo With One Free Year Of Netflix. Huh?

Wow, this is devotion and loyalty at one of its best. We all know what Netflix is, right?
It’s pretty good if you’re a regular subscriber and I’m confident in saying that just about everybody loves it. But it seems no one loves it as much as this guy, @TheRealMyron.

Sorry, I don’t know his name. That was his Twitter name, I think.

Anyway, this guy seems to love Netflix so much that he actually got a tattoo of “the streaming-video service’s name” on his arm.
I’ve seen it and it actually looks pretty cool. Not cool enough for me to get one, but… you know what I mean.

When @TheRealMyron posted a picture of the tattoo on Twitter, the Netflix people saw it and were deeply “moved” by the gesture. Long story short, Netflix gave this guy a year of free Netflix service.
Holy Cow, that’s amazing.

Don’t get too excited about because really, I don’t think a year of free Netflix is worth a tattoo that you will be stuck with for the rest of your life. So think carefully.

Also, there no guarantee that the same thing will work for anybody else. I definitely would not recommend getting a tattoo just for a free subscription to anything. I don’t care if is a lifetime membership.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool overall, so enjoy the story.


One thought on “Get A Tattoo With One Free Year Of Netflix. Huh?

  1. I think that getting a tattoo for a year free subscription is a bad idea. The one year subscription will eventually run out but your tattoo will be there forever, unless you get it surgically removed. Also keep In mind that getting a tattoo removed is way more expensive than getting a tattoo.

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