A 3D Printing Vending Machine

This concept of combining a Redbox style vending machine with a 3D Printer is now being developed. It is called Dreambox and it is being built by a few UC Berkley students. While it hasn’t been implemented yet their model is to be able to submit orders at the actual vending machine via a USB drive or to upload your order online while also being able to choose from an online catalog. Once it has been ordered it is placed in the queue until it is possible to print. When it is finished printing, it is then placed in a locker that can only be opened with a code that can be sent via text message or email to the customer. I wouldn’t be surprised that within the next ten years these will be quite common and useful.

Here is a video of Dreambox in action:

Dreambox, a 3D Printing Vending Machine

Dreambox, a 3D Printing Vending Machine