A Perpetual Motion Machine?





This information comes from the article and video presented at the above listed website.

Reidar Finsrud, a Norwegian mathematician and artist, may have created the world’s first perpetual motion machine. This is, of course, debatable. Scientist from around the globe have looked at his invention and some have speculated that it has a 99% efficiency. These observers are baffled at where the energy is coming from within Finsrud’s machine. By definition, if the Finsrud perpetual motion machine is just that—perpetual, then the efficiency percentage would have to be 101 or greater. This is because a perpetual motion machine generates its own self-sustaining energy and therefore does not rely on external energies.

This short video within the attached link, demonstrates Finsrud’s creation at work. Pendulums, springs, magnets, and a ball and track form the device. Each design feature is delicately calibrated to manipulate the motion of the revolving ball to generate seemingly perpetual motion. A video of the revolutions were recorded over 3 days and monitored. The results indicated that the ball sustained a constant speed measured to  of a second. This very impressive machine could solve the great mystery of perpetual motion.

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