2013: The Future

This is an image of a conceptual design of what 2013 might look like, it was designed in 1988 and the scene basically looks like  an episode of The Jetsons.

2013: The Future


The L.A. Times published an article in April of 1988 which spoke about what the future might look like in 25 years. Gizmodo wrote a summary on the article and I checked out the whole article. Looking at the future seems very optimistic to the people trying to predict the future, but from the point of view of someone looking at the predictions that didn’t come true it’s kind of depressing.

To be fair, the article was written in April of ’88 so we still have a month and a half to make it happen, but it’s not likely. They talked about how bad traffic could potentially get but predicted that Southern Californians would surely adopt some form of public transportation before they would ever drive twenty mph on the interstates, they were wrong.

This image shows The Jetsons, complete with robot maid Rosie.

I think they were watching too much T.V.

We were all supposed to have robots by now as well, maybe our smart technologies are kind of like robots. I think our future is kind of a let down compared to the utopian floating communes which were predicted. We have all the same problems they had in 1988, but now most people feel like they don’t have to leave their houses to fix them. I think that is the main difference, that is also the only thing saving LA   from even worse traffic.