Cyber Attacks. NBD.

According to an article on (Popular Science) the biggest threat we in the United States face is that of Cyber Attacks. They say that is not so bad. I will outline their top arguments.

1. “The trend is towards less dangerous threats.” Their main supporting argument is that with a cyber attack no one dies. To date that is true but there are a lot of other factors than just direct fatalities that can make an attack a very pressing issue. Some very good news is that the pentagon has vowed to treat cyber attacks as acts of war.

2. “Cyber is very different from other threats, and needs to be treated accordingly.” Cyber attacks don’t happen on a battlefield with bullets. These matters are dealt with better by intelligence agencies and law enforcement and do not end in death.

3. “Cyber is a threat now because very few other things are.” They make the point that the United States is the most well fortified military country in the world. Other countries are being forced to attack on the cyber side because they cannot stand up militarily.

This article sounds  a little too “Go America” for me to take completely seriously. Cyber attacks are a very severe threat and have the potential to send an already unstable economy into complete collapse. What if the military is attacked? Is it possible that other countries could launch our missiles? Could they take over wall street? A strong military does not assure safety for a country anymore. Domestic threats maybe even more hostile than the foreign ones now.

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