Facebook’s Support For CISPA Is Not So Strong

Wow, big surprise. Facebook doesn’t appear to be supporting the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) as much as it originally had been at first.

Why doesn’t Facebook practically given up its support for this bill, you may ask?
Many Facebook users felt uncomfortable with Facebook supporting this and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and took it as a betrayal that Facebook would support these laws.

You can’t blame them, in my opinion, these laws do suck big time.

Facebook users were also worried that because of these laws, their privacy would not be protected, but Facebook tried ensured users that their privacy would not be violated and that the CISPA or the SOPA would not impose new rules on the users.

In short, Facebook has shown less support for these two bills because of the users response of outrage towards them.

“CISPA would provide a legal mechanism for the government and private businesses to share information about cybersecurity threats with one another. Supporters argue it’s a much-needed method of bolstering American cybersecurity defenses, while detractors fear the government will use private businesses’ data to snoop on citizens. It passed the House of Representatives last year despite a veto threat from the White House over privacy concerns. It failed to get picked up by the Senate, which continues to debate several alternative approaches to cybersecurity,” according to the author of he article, Alex Fitzpatrick.

I never expected any laws on Cyber Piracy to go over well with the public in the first place, but I do think the that government could do a better job of coming up with reasonable “rules” for piracy. Unfortunately, finding a balance that most everyone get happy with just may be impossible.
I’m sure we all hope to see something better in this lifetime.