Karma’s a b****

Recently a known internet troll by the name of Andrew Auernheimer was sentenced to 41 months in jail and fined 73000’s dollars due to a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  However, Andrew wasn’t convicted due to him being an absolute asshole online, instead he discovered a very large security loop hole for At&t iPad users.  Andrew Auernheimer discovered that he could hack At&t subscribers emails that were linked to the subscribers iPad’s by simply incriminating their user ID.  Instead of violating everyone’s privacy this internet troll had a change of heart and once he discovered the loop hole immediately contacted new stations and friends to warn them of the security hole in At&t email system.  Instead of some type of award or at least a gesture of gratitude, At&t sued him for breach of security and said that he was hacking both their own security system and the emails of their subscribers.  At&t proclaimed that he had broken laws implanted by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the judge sentenced him to 41 months in prison and pay a fine of 73,000$.  During his trail the U.S. attorney Paul Fishman made this statement about Andrew Auernheimer, ” “His entire adult life has been dedicated to taking advantage of others, using his computer expertise to violate others’ privacy, to embarrass others, to build his reputation on the backs of those less skilled than he.” However, as much as we all hate internet trolls nothing that U.S. attorney Paul Fishman brought up in this statement was illegal and nor were any of his past actions of being an online troll were illegal.  After being convicted Andrew said that he hopes At&t will hire a new security manager with money he’s been fined.