Everything’s A Speaker!


PLX Devices has a Kickstarter project up that is trying to get money to create a surface speaker that uses sound waves to resonate whatever is being played through it through whatever the speaker is sitting on. Its called the Yaba. You plug in whatever you want to amplify into a 1/8th inch jack, set it on a cardboard box, countertop, or a sheet of glass and go to town!

I believe there are two versions. One that’s just a speaker and one that is a guitar amplifier. If the Kickstarter gets enough funds the two models will be sold for $70 and $100 bucks, respectively.

The Yaba runs on batteries. That’s the only red flag that went up for me but I suppose it makes sense. Portability seems to be the driving force behind this project.

The PLX Director of Sales Mike Morales reported that the two most interesting surfaces to resonate through are cardboard boxes (for a kickin’ bass sound) and sheets of glass.