Tadaa: Instagram with heavy-duty photoshop tools

As Instagram continues to gain social networking momentum, having recently surpassed the billion users mark, alternatives to the site continue to emerge.  One of the most notable of these newcomers is an app called “Tadaa.”  Tadaa can be activated automatically whenever you take a picture on your phone, and new photos you take can instantly be sent to your Tadaa account and shared with other users.  Similar to Instagram, allows its users to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with a single click.  Once you set up your “Tadaa” account and sync it to your social networking sites, you can share photos instantly.  It also allows you to import all of your Instagram photos to Tadaa with a single click.

What really sets “Tadaa” apart, though, is its sophisticated array of features for editing photos before you post them.  While the app offers a wide array of filters (with new ones becoming available each week), it also has a paintbrush and an airbrush feature, alterations such as “tilt” and “blur,” and the ability to add text bubbles or drastically alter the color scheme.  While these new editing features may seem trivial, they can be appealing to users of photo-sharing sites for a couple reasons: first, the editing allows users to edit out anything in the photo that they might not wish to share with the world, such as private information.  It also lets users quickly “touch up” pictures of themselves before sending them out, for example, if you want to hide that mole on your face, or vertically stretch an image to make yourself look skinnier.  Other than that, the advanced photo editing features could be just plain fun for users who want to take photo sharing to the next level, adding little thought bubbles and whatnot to their vacation photos before uploading them.  While not radically different from Instagram, Tadaa may prove itself a worthy competitor.