9 year old girl raises $15,000 to make video game

This week another Kickstarter campaign took off. With the help of her mother, Mackenzie Wilson, a nine year old girl was able to accomplish her financial goal on Kickstarter. The financial goal set for this project was $829 (the entrance fee to RPG STEM Camp). This camp actually teaches a program for kids to learn the necessary skills to build their own video games.

The purpose of making this video game is to make a game that’s free of inappropriate language and violence, but, as quoted by this nine year old, “allows team members to face danger together and get hurt but doesn’t kill teammates off and eliminate them from battle.”

Mackenzie Wilson was actually the one who got her daughter interested in building video games. She was also motivated in making this because of her brothers lack of support on this project. Within the two days that the campaign was launched, 844 backers pledged $15,499. Wow!

Some people think that this campaign is just a scam to make money. Because of this, a video will be posted soon showing the progress of the video game being made.