9-Year-Old Raises over 15k to make Video Game

9-Year-Old Raises over 15k to make Video Game

According to Mashable, a young girl has raised over 15 grand to go to a video game camp to create her own RPG. With the help of her mother, she reached out to the internet to help fund her trip to RPG Stem Camp, a place where children learn the basic tools to build their own video game. Not only did she exceed the cost to go to the camp, Adobe gave her a free subscription to their Creative Cloud program and she has been able to purchase a top of the line new laptop.

A great deal of skepticism has been shown in the comments, mostly regarding the hostile tone of the video (referring several times to “sugar daddys”) and how a 9 year old never could have come up with it. Many people have pointed out that tuition of any kind is against Kickstarter’s rules. Also, according to her linkdin page, the mother is a Harvard grad, and she apparently couldn’t afford to send her daughter to this camp to pursue her passion? The Kickstarter has been reported for further investigation to see if it isn’t a scam.

Is using Kickstarter for things like this a good thing or a bad one? If this isn’t a scam, should we really be contributing to little things like this? The whole Veronica Mars project was nice, but has it inspired people for the wrong reasons?