Should SnapChat Be Blamed For Naked Teen Pics?

For those who don’t know, the app Snapchat has gotten a pretty bad reputation lately. Snapchat is an app that allows users to send “SMS-like messages” that can also have photos attached which (supposedly) disappear seconds later, right. Sure it does. Because most everything we put on the internet is totally private, right. (Sarcasm)

Anyway, this app has become controversial because parents are concerned that this app will encourage teens to engage in inappropriate behavior, like sending naked photos of themselves. This activity is better known as, you guessed it, sexting. Many teens don’t seem to realize the consequences these actions could lead to.

I don’t get why Snapchat is to blame for teens being careless, but whatever.

I can’t speak too much of my opinion on the Snapchat app simply because have not downloaded it to my phone. However, according to the information I got about Snapchat, the app is actually pretty complicated…maybe not complicated…. or a bit difficult to use at first because it relies to the users phone contacts and the contacts need to be registered before you can send pics.

Now what does this have to do with Teens sending naked pics of themselves over the internet. I have no idea. A piece of software should not be blamed for anyone’s mistake. We have to remember that in order for software or equipment or whatever to be a threat to anybody, a person has to use it.

If teens don’t realize the consequences of sexting (most do realize it, by the way), then I think there is a lack of education in the situation. Also, parents who would rather blame their teens irresponsible behavior on a piece of software rather than admit their kid made a mistake need to seriously get a clue.

Snapchat might actually be a fun app to get into. I’m not knocking it at all. It’s probably like Instagram or something similar to it. I’d say give it a try….as long as you’re aren’t naked when you’re using it.