“Stop the Cyborgs”: The Google Glass Backlash Is On

“Stop the Cyborgs” Google Glass Ban Sign

Ever since Google announced “Google Glass,” the technological world has been in an uproar. The Google Glass buzz did take a back seat, however, to the news that Google was cutting Reader.

Now that the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, everyone’s eyes have turned back to the smart accessory that will has the potential to change the way we view the internet – literally. It would seem, however, that some are less than thrilled about the latest technology from Google. In fact, one could go so far as to say some people are threatened by the possibility of augmented reality glasses.

Chris Taylor, in an article on Mashable, claims that this is nothing new and that, once a society has been sufficiently awed by an invention, the next step is to be threatened. Such has been the case with every major technological development of the past, and will likely be the case for technological developments of the future.

This time, the negative reactions have come in many forms. One Seattle dive bar has gone so far as to ban the technology from its premises (bear in mind, Google Glass hasn’t even been released to consumers yet) because its owners claim the recording function could be used to invade privacy. Then there is the online add campaign called “Stop the Cyborgs,” which has generated and is offering Google Glass ban signs (pictured to the right) for free download. They also have stickers and T-shirts for those who are looking to make a more fashionable statement of protest.

So is there any real grounds to this Google Glass opposition? Will augmented reality glasses really turn society into privacy-invading cyborgs? Taylor makes a good point when he says, “…one thing we’ve learned thus far from a smartphone-filled society: it’s much more interesting to enter our own private world than to invade the privacy of each others’.”