Print Your Own Gun

This is probably old news, but I thought this was really interesting, especially since there’s all that hype about gun laws recently. 

A student at Texas School of Law in Austin, along with other students from different universities, started an organization that calls themselves Defense Distributed and has developed a way to print guns, not toys but actually shooting-stuff guns. They started the company sometime around 2012 for open-sourced 3D-printable guns and just recently obtained a federal license to manufacture and sell firearms, which was announced made on last, last Saturday. I know, this is kinda old news but what-the-hay.

Approved by U.S government, the head of Defense Distributed, Cory can now sell and transport the guns they print out, and of course have to to keep records of all production and transaction because it’s completely legal to fashion your own firearms, according to their site.

Now that he can sell them, DD has developed several different types of guns, including most recently a 3D-printed semi-automatic that fires more than 600 rounds. DD hopes to be manufacturing or selling when he’s approved for an add-on to his federal license, which would allow him to create a broader rage of guns such as automatic rifles.

What’s very interesting about this is that as stated on DD’s site, it’s legal to fashion your own  firearms (that you can buy legally in the U.S.) as long as you’re not selling them, but an add-on called Class 2 Special Occupational Taxpayer would allow the organization to sell guns to offset the costs for printers and other materials, making it legal to print your own guns.


Also, I checked the site, but not much has been added on for sell yet. Here’s the site: