Social Media-Based Public Shaming Has Gotten Out of Control


Relating to last weeks discussion about being attached to our mobile devices, I found this article about Adria Richards, a developer evangelist for SendGrid a email delivering company. Apparently, Ms.Richards over heard some explicit  sexual comments from a man seated behind her at Pycon. Instead of confronting the man, she tweeted: “ Adria Richards @adriarichards

Hey @mundanematt, it’s clear from the last 24 hours you’re a bully. @SendGrid supports me. Stop trolling.

In this tweet, she mentions that her own employers support her comment and also sent a photo which received a massive amount of controversy:
Later, Richards was fired from SendGrid, who posted an apology to their facebook page stating : “Effective immediately, SendGrid has terminated the employment of Adria Richards. While we generally are sensitive and confidential with respect to employee matters, the situation has taken on a public nature. We have taken action that we believe is in the overall best interests of SendGrid, its employees, and our customers. As we continue to process the vast amount of information, we will post something more comprehensive.”
All because of a tweet and a photo two people have now lost their jobs in an economy  with scarce opportunities. I am not saying that I support Richards for what she did but, this situation could have resolved itself if only Richards would have turned around and told the man seated behind her that she was offended by his comments. She would still have her job and so would he. The Article on Mashable, mentions “Shame” and is it true that we are so attached to our devices that we can no longer resolve simple issues like this one face-to-face? Social media has a power over us all.We can no longer take simple issues and discuss them amongst ourselves. It has to go online where the world can access it. Stories like Richards isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last. We should all learn a lesson from her mistakes if nothing else. Who knows your next tweet or post for humor may cost you something you worked hard for please be mindful.
By, Brandon Duke

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