New Way To Watch

We all know what Netflix is. We probably all have Netflix accounts. We have all had days were we sit in front of our television or computer and watch countless episodes of a particular show to catch up or maybe just because we love that show. 

Netflix has realized that they matter in this game that is television production. While not the majority, many people have stopped buying cable/dish altogether and are getting Netflix, Hulu Plus, or a combination of both.

This led them to produce a show called House of Cards. I don’t know much about the show but I know that Kevin Spacey is the main actor and it has something to do with politics. They didn’t release this show as a normal network would. They released the first season all at one time. 

Mashwork wanted to see how this kind of release stacked up against the competition. They found that House of Cards had one of the highest premiere’s when it comes to buzz on social networks, 3rd to be exact. That success threw them up to #1 for the first week that it had premiered. However after that, they had a huge decline because people watched all the episodes in the first week and then just stopped talking about it.

This is where the question can be posed. Is this an effective way to produce television? Is the huge spike at the beginning worth the huge decline in people talking about your show? I don’t think it is. Netflix is going to do this same thing with Arrested Development but that show has a hge following already and doesn’t need any extra buzz. I don’t believe that this is the next big thing in television because I don’t think it can sustain given the huge lag times when it comes to consumer buzz.