Facebook. You know what it is. You use it. There are some annoying aspects of it that have been around for years. I don’t care about Farmville! I don’t want to be notified everytime something changes in an event that I said “no” to! And most importantly (at least to me), I don’t want to get notifications every single time someone else comments on a post that I had commented on. I haven’t said anything in 4 days, why am I still getting notifications??? Those days can be no more, if people use Facebook’s new function. They have finally added a “reply” button to comments so individual conversations can take place on a thread of comments without filling everyone else’s notifications folder with nonsense. This is huge for Facebook and should make a lot of people happier. Another cool thing about this is that on celebrity pages or television show pages or sports pages, the most talked about comments will shoot to the top so they are easier to find. This not only makes Facebook less frustrating but also way more convenient. Thumbs up, Facebook!


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  1. I think I need to use the newer fb layout for this to work…? Odd that I haven’t been presented with the option to update.

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