Samsung Introduce Bendable Smart


During the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung revealed its flexible OLED phone. The screen generates beautiful high-definition quality even while being bent in any direction. But what does this mean for the consumer? It’s simple–more reliability in damage resistance. This tough and flexible screen can even be struck, with a reasonable amount of pressure, by a hammer and resist the blow without damaging or glitching the active display. Samsung is confident that this new OLED flexible technology can be utilized in many different applications. Just like in the movies, our near future will, undoubtedly, have computerized display screens that can be rolled up like a scroll, dropped or ran over with no damaging effects, or casually thrown in the air to a buddy without thoughts of repercussions.

These phones, as well as other technologies used by Samsung, are OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes). This means that they generate their own light display, and there is no need for bulky housing for the display like gorilla glass or other types of screen-housing. Instead, only a very thin layer of chemicals are used to create a vivid and colorful display. These chemicals are then distributed over a special, thin plastic screen instead of glass. Check out the above link for the CES 2013 demonstration. Also, Google it. There are plenty of links describing this new technology!