Wristband Keeps Track of How Well Doctors Wash Their Hands

        There are almost 2 million cases of hospital acquired infections reported each year says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Of course nurses, doctors, and technicians can spread germs through out the hospital during a daily routine of check ups.  But one wristband many solve this problem by keeping a watch on your doctors hygiene.  How often do they wash their hands, or maybe if they are washing their hands at all?  The new bracelet is developed by startup intelligentM.  They way the bracelet functions is it vibrates when the wearer has been scrubbed enough and lets employers monitor their use.   “The bracelet uses radio frequency identification to read tags on sanitizing and washing stations. An accelerometer detects how long someone spends cleaning their hands then sends an alert. One vibration signals adequate washing, while three buzzes indicate more time should be spent at the sink.”  I think that this wristband will be a major improvement to the hospital world.  It will prevent so many germs because it will have a track of how is keeping clean and who isn’t.  The only thing about it is how legit is this thing?  Does it really work?  Im pretty sure all of those questions will be answered and tested before they go making millions of the product though.  I’d love to see where they go with this I will keep my eye out for it. 



One thought on “Wristband Keeps Track of How Well Doctors Wash Their Hands

  1. I believe this is a good idea. Doctors have to see many patients throughout the year. So it is only right for them to wash their hands frequently to keep all possible germs away from patients. It should be mandatory for doctors to wash their hands before seeing each patient and if they don’t not, they should be fined thousands of dollars.

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