Ground Rules

Book cover, Space hulk Rule book

Book cover, Space hulk Rule book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s some ground rules for your weekly assignment.

Look for interesting tidbits, things that interest you and that you think are relevant to or have an effect on our new media world. And then write something about it. Details below.

  1. Find a piece of news or information that you think is interesting and post!
  2. Write a 2 or 3 paragraph post/article about that piece of news and why you think it’s interesting.
  3. Post an item once a week for credit.
  4. Include a link back to the original article
  5. Include an image when possible.
  6. Select a Category.
  7. Add Tags (keywords) to your article like names of people or products, topic, etc.

We’ll take a look at new posts at the beginning of each class period.

One thought on “Ground Rules

  1. The NFL has finally worked out arrangements for the refs to come back, and the players and fans are thrilled. Since I like the NFL on my Facebook page, I am updated with all sorts of football related news.
    One of the refs, Ed Hochuli, was told by his kid that he is a Twitter sensation. His response was, “Why? Who am I? My kid told me I’m trending on Twitter. What does that even mean?”

    I thought that was kind of funny.

    I think everyone is glad that a deal has been made. No more replacement refs. (Yay!)

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